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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Galvanic Spa Erases Signs of Scars from Burns

Looking good is not just a matter of what you apply on the surface of your body; good looks come from within. The key to good complexion is the skin's ability to absorb nutrients. A recent third party laboratory study measured the ability of the Galvanic Spa II to help skin care ingredients penetrate skin.

Results showed that Nu Skin's Galvanic Spa System II treatment makes the skin 70% more receptive to skin care products

An accident occurred to me while cooking a few years ago. My face was scalded. The first layer of my skin was burnt and I was admitted to the hospital for medical treatment. After my skin wounds have been completely healed with medical treatment, my doctors discharged me but my skin coloration was still not ideal. I was extremely worried about the scars on my face. Therefore, I tried many methods for scar removal but none of them seemed to work.

Several years later after the incident, I started using Galvanic Spa System II on my face and the condition of my skin improved and looked better since then. Galvanic Spa System II has helped to increase my skin moisture and reduce wrinkles. My skin tone and smoothness have also improved. Thank you Nu Skin for Galvanic Spa System II – the great innovative product which makes my skin smoother and healthier!

Ms. Wanwisa Kruasophon, 33 year old, Business Owner, Thailand

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